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Christmas Sprinkle box - refillable

Christmas Sprinkle box - refillable

This stunning box of festive sprinkles is perfect for creating your own mixes and decorating your lovely bakes for Christmas! Also makes a great gift for any baking lover! The handy box is refillable!

Full of the best luxury sprinkles! Totally dreamy!

Ingredients breakdown:

Candy Canes:
Sugar, Rice Flour, Rapeseed Oil (partly hydrogenated), Thickener (tragacanth), Colours (E120, E160a

Gingerbread Men:
Sugar, rice flour, rapeseed oil, cocoa powder, potato starch, Colour (E172), flavour

Gold 4mm Pearls:
Sugar, WHEAT Flour, Starch (WHEAT / maize), colouring (E160a(ii), E174), Glucose Syrup, Stabiliser (arabic gum), Geletine (FISH), Glazing Agent (shellac)

Red 4mm Polished Pearls:
Sugar (74,9%), wheat flour, starch (wheat/ maize), stabiliser: Arabic gum, glucose syrup, colourings: E100, E120, glazing agents: carnauba wax, beeswax and shellac.

Glimmer Christmas Trees:
Sugar, potato starch, sunflower oil, rice flour, colours (E101, E120, E133, E171), glazing agent: shella

Mini Snowflakes:
Sugar, rice flour, rapeseed oil (partly hydrogenated), thickener - tragacanth

Mixed Green Pearls:
Sugar, Dextrose, Glucose syrup, WHEAT starch, colours (E101, E133, E171, E172), glazing agent: shellac

Red Rods:
Sugar, WHEAT semolina. Colours; E120, E160a. Stabiliser; arabic gum. Glazing agents; carnauba wax, beeswax, shellac.

NOTE: the centre of the rods are made from Wheat Semolina (raw pasta). Whilst edible, this product is very hard and crunchy (but they look amazing!!) We recommend removing before consuming.

Contains WHEAT and FISH.
Made in a facility that may handle MILK, NUTS, PEANUTS and SOYA.
Weight approx 170g