Bake Box Boutique

Mini hearts - Raised embosser

This pretty 'Bake Box Boutique' stamp is perfect for stamping your bakes! Can be used with with the likes of fondant etc.

This stamp will give a raised effect to the detail (the reverse of embossing).

Made from the highest quality, food safe, pretty pink satin acrylic - this premium product is made to last whilst also bringing ease to your decorating.

This stamp is re-useable over and over again - saving you time, it couldn't be easier!

- Wash before first use.
- Lightly dust your fondant with corn flour for a super easy and quick release.
- Place the embosser face down on your fondant and firmly roll you rolling pin over the fondant once, then peel back.
- Hand wash with warm soapy water.
- Store flat in a cool, dry place.
- Use edible paint to really make your bakes pop!

Designed and produced in the UK.

Happy stamping...