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Super Duper White

Super Duper White

The ultimate must have for WHITE buttercream! Want white buttercream? This is the main ingredient that is used in the ever famous 'wilton white white' and 'colour mill white'! Simply add a teaspoon to your buttercream to achieve a SUPER DUPER WHITE! No more yellowy buttercream!

Professional quality icing whitener - pure Titanium Dioxide with no added chemicals or anti-caking agents - perfect for whitening off-white royal icing or buttercream!

Did you know....
It can also be used to brighten white sugarpaste, SFP and modelling pastes or add to ready-coloured icing to create new, paler shades.

Also, it can be mixed with glycerine and a splash of water to make your own liquid whitener for ganache!

Even, mix it with water or Rejuvenator Fluid to produce a white edible paint!

No set recipe, but we suggest starting with 1 teaspoon to every 250g icing, adding more as required - 100% edible!

Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide, colour E171.
BBE 12 months at least.