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Bake Box Boutique


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This pretty, multi depth 'Bake Box Boutique' premium pop embosser with matching cutter, is perfect for giving mega dimension to your bakes!

It is re-useable over and over again - saving you time, it couldn't be easier!

The design its self measures 7cm at the widest part with matching cutter measuring 8cm on the longest side.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT PUT IN DISHWASHER OR HOT WATER, as this may cause the item to warp and disfigure. Wash in warm water only  


- Wash and dry before first use. 

- Roll out your fondant and lightly dust it with corn flour for a super easy and quick release. 

- Place the embosser face down on your fondant and firmly press or roll you rolling pin over the top. Peel back to reveal the mega pop. Use the matching cutter to trim the excess fondant.

- Use edible paints or multi colour fondant to really add dimension. Use

- Store flat in a cool, dry place. 


Includes both embosser and matching cutter.

 Designed and produced in the UK.

Happy baking...