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These Platinum Jubilee inspired sprinkles are perfect to glam up your cakes, cupcakes, cakesicles and biscuits etc ready for the street parties and celebrations.


Mother of Pearls 4mm - Sugar, dextrose, glucose syrup, WHEAT starch. Colour; E171. Glazing agent; shellac.

Sugar Crowns

Purple Strands: Icing sugar [sugar, starch], maize starch, un-hydrogenated vegetable fat [palm], water. Emulsifier; rapeseed lecithin. Colours; E122, E124, E151. Glaze [glazing agents; (shellac, acacia gum), sugar].

Purple Pearls; Sugar (74,9%), wheat flour, starch (wheat/ maize), stabiliser: Arabic gum, glucose syrup, colourings: E120, spirulina extract, apple extract, lemon extract, glazing agents: carnauba wax , beeswax and shellac

Gold 4MM; Sugar, WHEAT flour, WHEAT starch, maize starch, colours; E174, Ε160α(ii). Stabilisers; arabic gum, agar. Glucose syrup, glazing agent; shellac.

White 100s & 100s; Sugar, WHEAT starch, glucose syrup. 

Gold 100s & 1000s; Sugar (82.2%), WHEAT starch, maize starch, glucose syrup, colours; E174, Ε160α(ii). Stabiliser; arabic gum. Gelatine bovine. Glazing agent; shellac.

Mother of Pearl 7mm: Sugar, dextrose, glucose syrup, WHEAT starch, colour; E171. Glazing agent; shellac.