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These pretty sprinkles are perfect to glam up your cakes, cupcakes, cakesicles and biscuits etc.


Silver Rods: Sugar (74.9%), WHEAT semolina. Colour; E174. Stabiliser; arabic gum, gelatine (FISH). Glazing agent; carnauba wax. 

Black Large Chocoballs: Milk chocolate (66%) [sugar, cocoa butter (20% min), whole MILK powder, cocoa mass, emulsifier; SOYA lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring, cocoa solids: 32% min]. Sugar, stabiliser: arabic gum, sucrose esters of fatty acids, rice starch. Colour; E153. Glazing agents; carnauba wax, beeswax, shellac. 

Grey Small Chocoballs: Milk chocolate (53%) [sugar, whole MILK powder, cocoa butter (20% min), cocoa mass, emulsifier; SOYA lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring, cocoa solids: 32% min]. Sugar, WHEAT starch, maize starch, glucose syrup. Stabilisers; arabic gum, rice starch. Colours; E171, E132, E153. Glazing agent; carnauba wax.  

Silver 6mm Pearls: Sugar, WHEAT flour, WHEAT starch, maize starch, colour; E174. Glucose syrup, stabiliser; arabic gum. Gelatine (FISH).

Metallic Blue 6mm Pearls: Sugar, WHEAT flour, WHEAT starch, maize starch, colours; E174, E131. Stabilisers; arabic gum, agar. Glucose syrup, glazing agent; shellac.

Black 4mm Pearls: Sugar (74.8%), WHEAT flour, WHEAT starch, maize starch, stabiliser; arabic gum. Glucose syrup, colour; E153. Glazing agents; carnauba wax , beeswax and shellac.

Turquoise 4mm Glimmer Pearls: Sugar, dextrose, glucose syrup, WHEAT starch, colours; E133, E141, E171. Glazing agent; shellac.

White Confetti: Sugar, sunflower oil, potato starch, rice flour.

White Stars: Sugar, potato starch, sunflower oil, rice flour.

White 100s & 1000s: Sugar, WHEAT starch, glucose syrup. Colour; E171. Glazing agent; shellac. 

Black 100s & 1000s: Sugar, WHEAT starch, glucose syrup. Colours; E153, coconut oil. Glazing agents; beeswax.

(PLEASE NOTE: the centre of these rods are made from Wheat Semolina (raw pasta). Whilst edible, this product is very hard and crunchy (but they look amazing!!)

Mixes may vary ever so slightly if we do not have a certain sprinkle in stock. 
Best before 12 months after opening.

Contains WHEAT. 
Made in a facility that may handle MILK, NUTS, PEANUTS and SOYA. 
Weight approx 50g