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Our most used piping nozzles to create perfect piping results every time.

These high quality nozzles have carefully been selected to give you the ultimate trendy piping results. Select which nozzle you would like from the drop down.

2F - similar to 1M but has a double swirl.

1M - fab all rounder - great for large roses.

362 - great for small stars and rope effect.

104 - great for piping small individual petals and a zig zag ribbon effect.

1E - awesome for large swirls.

3ES - fab for XL drop stars and large swirls.

2ES - fab for detailed drop stars and large swirls.

172 - great for small stars and rope effect.

123 - Perfect for piping peonies/flowers.

66 - awesome for leaf shape piping.

2J - Similar to the popular 1M, perfect for large swirls.

Happy piping ... xoxo