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This stunning set of edible paints includes 3 pretty metallic colours:

1 x Light Silver

1 x Rose Gold

1 x Glamorous Gold 

With a unique blend of edible ingredients, these edible paints will dry and be rub-free on many surfaces, enabling quick, easy and effective decorating.

Each bottle contains 15ml.

They provide a beautiful finish once dried, providing your bakes with some extra glitz and glamour - perfect for using on various mediums including: sugarpaste and fondant, modelling paste, flower paste, marzipan, royal icing, macarons, chilled buttercream, sugar cookies, marshmallows, gold leaf, chocolate, ganache and even fruit!

The paint is ready to use from the bottle, so there is no need to thin it out or mix it with any other ingredients. Once applied, it dries quickly and the pigment is sealed within the surface – no smudges! If you require a watercolour effect you can achieve that by adding cake decorators alcohol (high grade 95% alcohol) to your palette.

Allergen Information:
Contains traces of SOYA.

✔ 100% Edible
✔ Suitable for Vegetarians
✔ Kosher Certified